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Today’s Home Buyers Demand More

MEL-RY Design Center in Jensen Beach Florida

Today’s home buyers are looking for features and amenities very different from those of the past. Primarily because of the Millennial home buyers entering the home market and the trends they inspire, the average new construction single family home actually declined in size for the first time in years. Home buyers today are looking for affordable residences requiring smaller down payments and lower mortgages. Yet at the same time the demand for modern conveniences, ample storage space, open floor plans, and Green building practices has never been higher.

Neighborhood selection is important today as well with preference given to locations that can easily access parks, walking trails and playgrounds. MEL-RY Construction has kept pace with these demands and can offer a great selection of home plans, interior appointments, exterior features and design elements that will allow you to build your single family dream home.

We offer the most desired design elements for a new home today and offer them in our Design Center. That is why our Design Center is complete with every detail for you to choose from to make your custom home one that perfectly fits the needs of your family. From small bungalow to a large luxury built homes.

We promise... it's personal with MEL-RY!

With our attention to detail, quality standards and our unique 10-Year Limited Warranty on all built homes, why not start your new home experience with MEL-RY?

We can even help with your real estate search anywhere in Florida as you look for the right property for your family dream home.

Take a look at a few of our recent projects, and then contact MEL-RY to begin your new single family home selection experience! 772-229-9439

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