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Less Space Does Not Mean Less Quality

As with all projects, the MEL-RY CONSTRUCTION goal is to provide the best-quality home to our customer regardless of price. Whether it is a newly popular tiny house alternative or just a home with a smaller footprint, many home buyers today are downsizing and trying to maximize their lifestyle while minimizing the size of their home. That is especially true for residents in the state of Florida.

In many cases the home buyer in the Treasure Coast may be looking for a second home, vacation home, investment property, or a modern home for retirement.

Often these home buyers are looking at mobile homes and mobile home parks as an option.

Our experience in working with on-site built homes for these customers tells us that even when the home buyer wants less square footage, they do not want less quality or fewer modern features. For these customers MEL-RY Construction can design and build a beautiful modern lifestyle home in a mobile home park at a competitive price.

Florida Statute 627.351(6)(c)16 states, "The plan of operation of the corporation  (Citizens) must limit coverage on mobile homes or manufactured homes built prior to 1994 to actual cash value of the dwelling rather than replacement costs of the dwelling.”


Why Build an On-Site Home in a Mobile Home Park?


Building a permanent on-site dwelling offers many advantages to the home owner. First of all, you will not have to settle for a prefab or prebuilt floorplan that does not fully satisfy your desires.

At MEL-RY we can show you a wide selection of floorplans to start with. You can then choose one of our popular floor plans as it is or you can modify any plan to your liking.

Being a custom home builder, when you choose MEY-RY, if you can imagine your dream home, we can build it.

We have designed and built single floor ranch homes, two-story homes, and even very large, elegant homes complete with concrete block on both the first and second floors.


Also, each home is built to the State of Florida’s requirements for hurricane protection.

These homes are fully appointed and can include paver driveways, single or two car garages, tankless water heaters, ample storage space, wood cabinets, metal roofs, and your choice of tile floors, wood floors, or carpeting other amenities such as chair lifts, dumb-waiters, and even elevators help make your home very accessible.

Energy efficiency and Green building techniques are now a way of life. MEL-RY CONSTRUCTION, INC. builds high performance homes with Energy Star specs using Green building practices.


Maps of communities

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Nettles Island

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10 Reasons to Build an On-Site Built home Vs Mobile Home

1. On-site built houses are typically built on a sturdy concrete slab with block construction on the first and second floors. Mobile homes are built with partial wood floors, walls, 2x4 & 2x6 exterior wall construction. On-site homes are thus much more sturdy and safer than a mobile home.

2. Insulation for on-site built homes starts at R38 value, Icynene® foam is used in the attic. This creates a significantly more energy efficient home. Using Green Construction practices means saving money.

3. On-site homes are built with nails and straps, No staples are used in on-site built homes. Adhesive and staples are used in fastening almost all components in mobile homes structure. Some adhesives contain Formaldehyde.

4. Interior walls and framing in on-site homes are built with metal studs. Dura rock walls are used in bathrooms and wet areas as well as sheet rock.


5. Impact windows and doors are standard feature with on-site built homes.

6. Daily inspections cover every construction detail in on-site built homes which are built to the strictest South Florida building codes. An on-site home must pass numerous inspections performed by city and county inspectors.

7. There are no County inspections for mobile home structures above the slab.

8. With precision craftsmanship, on-site homes can be built with many more details then mobile homes.

9. On the average, an on-site built home will appreciate much more than a mobile home.

10. Because of the added security and sturdiness, insurance cost for on-site block homes are generally more affordable.



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